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Player's Information Page

Welcome to the Player's Information Page. 

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It is imperative that all players are provided with the appropriate skill development to provide a foundation for their future activity in the game. Learning the fundamental skills of the game will determine their future enjoyment and success in the game. Long Term Player Development model (LTPDM) is a framework to maximize a player’s potential and long term involvement in sport over the course of their life.


Participation in hockey can be an important component of children’s lives. Realize and trust that in most programs the physical, technical, tactical, psychological and social aspects of development are all being addressed. During this process your child’s focus should be on acquiring new skills, improving performance and of course, having fun.

Initiation Program

The Initiation Program enables participants to become contributing members of a team effort, develop self-confidence, and experience a sense of personal achievement.

IBAO Goalie Assist Program

The OMHA Insurance Broker Association of Ontario (IBAO) Goalie Assist Program is an effort to support children who have dreams of becoming a hockey goaltender, by providing a set of hockey goaltending equipment to loan to 5-7 year old players interested in trying the position.

Hockey Canada Skills Camp

The Hockey Canada Skills Development Camps are a one-day or two-day event open to boys and girls playing in the Atom and Peewee divisions [9-12 years of age].

Program of Excellence

Hockey Canada established the Program of Excellence in 1981 to identify the top calibre hockey players in specific age categories and to provide these players with an opportunity to participate against international competition.


The OMHA has launched several new and exciting challenges to help players develop their game at home throughout the year!


Resources for Player Development and Program Links.


The OMHA and Hockey Canada are serious about working with administrators, coaches, trainers, officials, parents and players to create the fun, respectful environment we all expect in the game.

Checking - 4 Step Progression

Checking is a critical skill in the game of hockey that when performed properly can create quality scoring opportunities or help a team regain control of the puck. Just like skating, puck control, passing and shooting there are key progressions to the skill of checking when taught effectively, can greatly enhance a player's enjoyment of the great game of hockey.