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Instructional Stream & Specialty Clinics

The Coach Specialty Clinic Program is part of the OMHA Continuing Education Program [CEP] and has been designed to act as a supplementary coach education program to that of the Hockey Canada Coach Mentorship Program.

Specialty Clinics offer coaches a practical session on teaching various skills, tactics and systems. The clinics are 2-3 hour modules that involve classroom and on-ice sessions for coaches that can easily be run during the weekday evenings and/or weekends.

Specialty Clinics were designed with the following messages in mind:

  • Keep them moving – whether it’s a practice, clinic or camp, ices sessions should be designed to engage every participant consistently.
  • Emphasize the Fundamentals – build a foundation that will never crack.
  • Incorporate a progression of skill development for every participant

To book a Specialty Clinic - complete the Booking form and submit to the Hockey Development dept.

Technical Skills

Technical Skills Specialty Clinics are available all season and include the following modules:

  • Skating
  • Puck Control I (Puck Handling)
  • Puck Control II (Puck Movement - Pass & Rec)
  • Checking


Tactical Specialty Clinic modules are listed below and are available after November 15th:

  • Small Area Games
  • Developing Defensemen
  • Creating Offense
  • Shooting & Scoring

Coaching Days

Minor Hockey Associations can also choose to host a ‘Coaching Day’ – featuring two (2) or three (3) Hockey Canada Specialty Clinic modules.