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Professional Development

Certification Maintenance requirements began nationally in January of 2014, in which a coach has 5 years to obtain a certain number of credits in order to maintain certification. This is a continuation of the OMHA’s Continuing Education Program (CEP) that was created to ensure that the knowledge, skill, and competence of trained and certified coaches remain at a high level throughout their coaching experience.

NCCP Instructional Stream

The NCCP Instructional Stream is a series of clinics that assists coaches and players to develop the skills required to play the game of Hockey. These 3 hour clinics are composed of in-class and on ice sessions and are facilitated by Instructors trained by Hockey Canada. Coaches’ clinics are offered on five different topics:

  1. Skating

  2. Checking Skills

  3. Goaltending

  4. Developing Defensemen

  5. Skills

This is Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) initiative for Continuing Education of coaches. This will enable coaches to get credit / certification in each of the 5 streams as designated by the NCCP program of the CAC. This will show up on each individual’s transcript in the CAC 'Locker' database.

Professional Development Value: 3 PD points

Additional Opportunities

The following programs provide additional professional development opportunities for our Coaches and carry value towards Certification Maintenance.

Coaching Days

Minor Hockey Associations can also choose to host a ‘Coaching Day’ – featuring two (2) or three (3) Hockey Canada Instructional Stream or Specialty Clinic modules.