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Continuing Education Program


The OMHA, working under the direction of Hockey Canada believes that it is important to have highly knowledgeable and competent coaches that continue to learn and develop their skills to ensure a high quality learning environment for all OMHA players. To achieve this, the OMHA has created the Continuing Education Program [CEP] for coaches.

This program is intended to ensure that the knowledge, skill, and competence of trained and certified coaches remain at a high level throughout their coaching experience.

OMHA Coaching Certification expires every three [3] years [This applies to Coach Stream, Development 1 and Development 2 certification. Intro Coach [CHIP] and High Performance do not expire]. Coaches can renew their certification in two [2] ways:

  1. Attend a 4-hour Coach Refresher clinic or;
  2. Meet requirements of the Continuing Education Program [CEP]  - Coaches are required to earn 20 CEP credit points by attending recognized specialty clinics, conferences, and seminars.

CEP Opportunities

All Continuing Education Program (CEP) clinics / activities are listed on the Clinics page under Coach – Professional Development - this includes Coach Refresher Clinics and Specialty Clinics

CEP Renewal Process

  • Coaches in the OMHA will be required to participate in Continuing Education Program modules to maintain their certification
  • Coaches in the OMHA are required to obtain 20 CEP credit points every three (3) years in order to maintain their standing within the NCCP
  • Coaches will be required to keep track of eligible activities in which they participate via their CEP passport
  • CEP Passport submission to the OMHA is required at the end of the 3-year cycle in order to renew