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Regional Development Plan

Regional Development Plan

The Regional Development Plan was created as an outcome of the Hockey Canada National Coach Mentorship Program. The purpose of this program is a result of direct action Hockey Canada and its member Branches have taken since the Coaching Association of Canada’s evaluation of the NCCP in 1995 and the Molson Open Ice Summit on player development of 1999.

In both events, it was determined that the mentoring of coaches at all levels and specifically minor hockey is the key to the future growth of coaching in Canada. The ultimate outcome is improved athlete development through the establishment of a national coach mentoring program.

The vision and goals of the OMHA’s Regional Development Plan are:

  • To create a network of support including programming and resources for Minor Hockey Associations across the OMHA.
  • To ‘mentor’ minor hockey associations in the implementation of the Long-term Player Development model and adoption of programming including creation of a development philosophy for their players, coaches & volunteers.
  • To implement OMHA and Hockey Canada Development Programs such as the Initiation Program, Coach Mentorship, Continuing Education opportunities, Coach Specialty Clinics, and National Skills Standards Testing for players.
  • To develop a group of Development Leaders in each region across the OMHA. These ‘experts’ will be available to work with associations to develop & implement programming/and plans.

Regional Development Leaders (RDL)

Ron Noonan

TD, Coaches Program

Phone: 905-796-6532

Tom Bly

Central & West - Region 1 & 4

Phone: 705-726-8538

John Murphy

Central - Region 3

Phone: 905-877-2675

Jim Mercer

EAST - Region 6

Phone: 905-442-9885

Ian Taylor

Director, Development Programs

Phone: 905-780-2172

Wayne King

West - Region 2

Phone: 516-426-8434

Alex McCarl

NORTH - Regions 5 & WOAA

Phone: 705-445-8065

Annual Best Practices Workshop

Each year, the OMHA Coaches Program hosts a “Best Practices Workshop” bringing together delegates from across the OMHA to share programming ideas and concepts on player and coach development