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Participant Guide

The OMHA Participant Guide stems from the 2005 “Our Game: An Open Forum on Hockey.” The purpose of the Forum was to examine the game of hockey in an effort to continually seek ways to improve the experience of participating in minor hockey.

Following the Our Game Forum, the OMHA acted on several of the outcomes from that event including the 2009 evaluation of the hockey landscape in Ontario. This involved a public forum and questionnaire hosted by the OMHA to assess and review the current hockey landscape within the OMHA. It identified opportunities for potential change that will enhance the minor hockey experience of all members.

Another key points made during the Forum was the need for effective communication with parents regarding their child’s experience in minor hockey. Parents are influential decision makers regarding their children’s activities, and need to be informed of the issues pertaining to their involvement with the game. It is important that parents, and players in particular, are aware and informed of their options in order to make their experience a positive one.

This guide outlines numerous points of interest to OMHA parents and players such as: How is the OMHA structured? What is included in my Membership Fee? How can I get involved? and other important information that is relevant to both the parent and player. It represents the OMHA’s commitment to excellence.