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Initial Category Listing

In the continuing efforts to ensure an effective and fair category system and to provide the basis for an exciting presentation of OMHA Playdowns, the OMHA has produced this publication, the Initial Category List, and will be producing the "Official Playdowns 2012-2013 Guide", including all category flowcharts, to be published in December.

Review the policies and procedures provided below for your reference, taking note of applicable dates and Review the category listings in the following pages. Notify the OMHA Office of any errors or omissions utilizing the OMHA Team Reconciliation Form.Centres wishing to file appeals as per the policies and procedures must do so on the filing form provided.

Please note:

Teams formed by a combination of Centres and categorized accordingly by their Regional Executive Member are marked with an asterisk (*). Further adjustments for combined teams may be made as outlined in Policy 2.1 of the OMHA Manual of Operations.

Full List of Initial Categories