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The OMHA’s Trainers Program is responsible for the delivery of the Hockey Trainer Certification Program [HTCP] which is designed to educate people in the prevention, recognition and treatment of hockey-related injuries. The program has also implemented a number of initiatives with the care and safety of all OMHA participants as its focus.

  • Regional Trainer / Safety Facilitator (RTSF) 
  • Head Trainer Initiative
  • Trainer Supervision Program
  • Creation of a Medical Advisory Committee

HTCP | Hockey Trainers Certification Program

The Hockey Trainer Certification Program [HTCP] is a risk management and safety education program for the volunteer hockey trainer. The ultimate goal of the program is to have all Hockey Trainers implement effective risk management on their own teams, where safety is the first priority at all times, both on and off the ice.

Speak Out! / Respect in Sport [RIS]: All Team Officials are required to be Prevention Services [Speak Out!] certified and registered with the OMHA in addition to all other certification appropriate to their position, in place prior to the approval of their Team Roster.

HTCP | Clinic Curriculum

HTCP Level 1 and Level 1 Refresher clinics are available through in-person clinics or online courses. Click of the tabs below for more information of available clinics & courses.

HTCP | Important Information


The OMHA Trainers program has implemented a number of initiatives with the care and safety of all participants as its focus:

  • STOP Program (Safety Towards Other Players)
  • Certified Trainer on every bench
  • Helmets for On-Ice Team Officials & On-Ice Volunteers
  • Mouthguard Policy
  • Throat Protectors for Officials