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The question is often asked of the OMHA office regarding procedures in place to facilitate the amalgamation of two or more OMHA associations. While the standard reply may be to direct the association requesting the information to their Regional Director, the process does not necessarily have to be a difficult one. Amalgamation is defined in the OMHA Manual of Operations as “…the joining together of two or more Centres/Associations to become one Centre/Association.” Sounds simple, but..

The majority of hurdles to overcome on the road to amalgamation mostly concern the reasons behind why an association may be looking to amalgamate with one or more other centres. More often than not the association looking to make an amalgamation agreement finds itself in a position where they do not feel they are able to offer the best level of minor hockey to their members. Declining membership numbers, boundary issues and base classification are but a few of the mitigating factors that may spur an association’s executive to look beyond their program. Probably the issue that is the most difficult to overcome is what is perceived as a loss of identity with the history of the current associations.

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