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Chalk Talk | Shooting - Finding a Lane (Peewee & up)

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 03/17/17, 10:45AM EDT


Age-appropriate skills, drills and progressions

In this edition of Chalk-Talk, we focus on the ability to get shots through to the net – this involves finding an open shooting lane and having the skill to get the puck through that lane. With less time and space available and more and more shot blocking taking place its crucial to get pucks on net.

We have included two drills to work on this skill – one for defencemen and one for forwards. The purpose is to create a more game-like situation, based on the position they play, and where scoring opportunities may arise in a game.


Drill Description

  • Place 2 nets facing each other inside blue line
  • Pucks placed on face-off dots
  • Player pulls puck across the ice with head up finds the shooting lane between the two nets
  • After shooting, the player continues across to the opposite dot where the player picks up a second puck and transition skates back to middle for a second shot through the lane
  • Getting puck through is priority – so the shot does not have to be a slap shot

Key Teaching Points (KTP)

  • Head up
  • Quick release
  • Find Lane

Shooting – Finding the Lane – Defencemen


Drill Description

  • Place two nets facing each other inside blue line
  • Pucks at blue line or neutral zone dots
  • Player enters offensive zone with speed outside the nets
  • Using deceptive skating, and outside-inside deke and head fake, finds open lane and shoots between the nets

Key Teaching Points (KTP)

  • Head up
  • Attack with speed
  • Good deception – set-up move & pay-off move
  • Find Lane

Shooting – Finding the Lane – Forwards

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