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Crossing Attacks

03/24/2016, 11:30am EDT
By Ontario Minor Hockey Association

Create Threats Through The Neutral Zone

Offence, quite simply begins the instant a team gains possession of the puck. So whether puck control is attained in the offensive, neutral or defensive zone the team with the puck is on offence.

When breaking out of your zone, maintain speed and control through the neutral zone in order to gain entry. Through individual, two-player and team tactics, the offensive team can create a series of threats through the neutral zone that will keep the defence struggling to react to offensive pressure. 

Why, Where and When to Use it

  • Utilize through neutral zone and during offensive zone entry
  • Creates confusion for defenders
  • Rush is more complicated, requires earlier decisions by defenders
  • Forces reactions and choices
  • Creates isolation vs one defender
  • Makes backchecking more difficult

Cross Attack Options:

Crossing Drop

Pass & Follow

  1. Cross – Players cross but do not exchange puck
  2. Cross & Lateral Feed – Players cross and then puck is quickly passed across laterally 
  3. Cross & Drop – Players cross and puck carrier leaves puck for other player
  4. Pass & Cross – Play starts with a quick lateral pass in the neutral zone and then players quickly cross, exchanging lanes

The Circle & Cross 2v2 drill reinforces this tactic in a game-like situation. The key in this drill is to make sure that the crosses are flat. Also, ensure the puck is stopped on the backhand so that it stays stationary, no 'tail' on the drop pass.

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