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Prepare for Tryouts with the 30/30 Challenge

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 03/23/16, 2:15PM EDT


The OMHA Players Club can help improve skills in off-season

As the hockey season comes to a close, it’s good to take a break from being in the rink. You deserve to rest and relax after giving it all on the ice this year.

Pick up a basketball or play some tennis. Many sports have very transferable skills to hockey such as hand-eye coordination and stop-starts. Playing another sport will help turn a player into an athlete and create a more well-rounded skillset.

The 30/30 Challenge is part of the OMHA Players Club presented by Bauer Hockey and aims to improve a player’s agility, balance and co-ordination over an eight-week period.

This program was created as a development opportunity for hockey players to grow their physical literacy skills and introduce them to an age-appropriate at-home dryland program. The 30/30 Challenge also reinforces the concepts introduced Hockey Canada’s Long Term Player Development (LTPD) model which sets out a development progression or pathway for hockey players. It also aims to educate players, coaches, and parents on the LTPD model in a fun and interactive way.

The development of fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills is critical if children are to feel confident about physical activity. Whether this is confidence to lead a healthy and active life in sport, or to become an elite athlete, this strong foundation in the FUNdamentals will help children to reach their full potential.

The 30/30 Challenge is great to prepare stamina and cardio ahead of tryouts and is a fun way to stay in shape without using any hockey gear. It is divided into two separate, age-appropriate programs.

Each program is set up as a circuit and consists of 10 exercises that take 30 seconds each, followed by 30 seconds of rest. The daily requirements should take just 10-20 minutes and no more than 3-5 days per week. Study the movements to perform them correctly and track the number of repetitions. Ensure you are wearing proper athletic footwear and clothing.

Create a routine and have a dedicated place to do the challenge. Try to practice the same amount of time each day and be consistent in your exercises – don’t lose focus or go through the motions.

When you complete the 30/30 Challenge, register for the OMHA Players Club and email the finished tracking sheet to to win some prizes from Bauer!

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