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Parade of Champions

04/22/2014, 4:30pm EDT
By Ontario Minor Hockey Association

Be part of the celebration

Here is your chance to celebrate your victory, hold your trophy high and cheer in front of 3,500 people! Family, Friends, OMHA Executive, the General Public, will be in attendance to help make this a special day.

The Parade of Champions is an annual event that will be held this year on Saturday June 13th during the Annual General Meeting. This event offers OMHA champions the opportunity to be acknowledged for their OMHA CHAMPIONSHIP season. Teams will also have an opportunity to show off other accomplishments from their season such as: Silver Stick, OHF, Tournament Championships and any other highlights they had during the 2014/2015 hockey season. 


Key Notes about the Parade of Champions: 

  1. A MINIMUM OF 5 PLAYERS must represent his or her team. 
  2. A TEAM PHOTO (.jpeg format) is required for the event program and slideshow. 
  3. TEAM HIGHLIGHTS are required for the announcers and slideshow. 
  4. Teams have the option to wear their jerseys and bring their trophy. 
  5. This event is held in conjunction with the OMHA Annual General Meeting and Hometown Hockey™ Consumer Show. 
  6. Registration form and Team Pictures must be received by May 22, 2015. 

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