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Checking in Hockey

09/09/2013, 10:15am EDT
By Ontario Minor Hockey Association

OMHA Launches Checking Resources for Players & Coaches

Effective the 2013-2014 season, the age of introducing Body Checking will move from Peewee to Bantam, placing continued emphasis on body contact for the Peewee age group.

This change is the result of recognizing changes in the game of hockey. The priorities of the Ontario Minor Hockey Association remain dedicated to player safety, providing young athletes with the opportunity to best develop and acquire skills (see LTPD), and keeping as many players playing the game as possible. 

Education will remain a priority focusing on the 4-Step Checking Progression, which begins the first time a young player steps on the ice. This progression emphasizes the practice of positioning, angling and stick checks followed by Contact Confidence and Body Contact which is taught at the later stages of athlete development.  

The OMHA and Hockey Canada have created resources for Players, Parents and Coaches including manuals and video resource support.

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Shoreline Atom AE  Kent Atom AE  Erie Northshore Atom AE  Belle River Atom AE  Kent Minor Peewee AA  Essex Minor Peewee A  LaSalle Minor Peewee AA  Erie NorthShore Minor Peewee A  Tecumseh Shoreline Minor Peewe  Belle River Minor Peewee AA  Riverside Minor Peewee A  Southpoint Minor Peewee A  Windsor Minor Peewee AA  Kent Minor Peewee A  Amherstburg Minor Peewee A  LaSalle Peewee AA  Belle River Peewee AA  Essex Peewee A  Erie Northshore Peewee A  Windsor Peewee AA  Kent Peewee AA  Tecumseh Shoreline Peewee AA  Southpoint Peewee A  Amherstburg Peewee A  Riverside Peewee A  Windsor Peewee AE  Belle River Peewee AE  LaSalle Peewee AE  Kent Peewee AE  Erie Northshore Peewee AE  Tecumseh Shoreline Peewee AE  Amherstburg Minor Bantam A  Kent Minor Bantam AA  Belle River Minor Bantam AA  LaSalle Minor Bantam AA  Erie Northshore Minor Bantam A  Windsor Minor Bantam AA  Southpoint Minor Bantam A  Tecumseh Shoreline Minor Banta  Riverside Minor Bantam A  Essex Minor Bantam A  LaSalle Bantam AA  Windsor Bantam AA  Belle River Bantam AA  Amherstburg Bantam A  Erie Northshore Bantam A  Kent Bantam AA  Southpoint Bantam A  Tecumseh Shoreline Bantam AA  Riverside Bantam A  Essex Bantam A  Windsor Bantam AE  LaSalle Bantam AE  Kent Bantam AE  Belle River Bantam AE  Tecumseh Shoreline Bantam AE  Belle River Minor Midget AA  LaSalle Minor Midget AA  Riverside Minor Midget A  Windsor Minor Midget AA  Kent Minor Midget AA  Tecumseh Shoreline Minor Midge  Amherstburg Minor Midget A  Erie Northshore Minor Midget A  Essex Minor Midget A  Southpoint Minor Midget A  Windsor Midget AA  Amherstburg Midget A  Kent Midget AA  Tecumseh Shoreline Midget AA  Southpoint Midget A  Belle River Midget AA  Riverside Midget A  LaSalle Midget AA  Essex Midget A  Erie Northshore Midget A  Essex Midget AE  Windsor Midget AE  Belle River Midget AE  Amherstburg Midget AE  Riverside Midget AE  LaSalle Midget AE  Kent Midget AE  Brampton Snipers  Brampton Spitfires  Milton Winterhawks  Brampton 45s Tyke 4  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LL1  Plattsville  Woolwich 2  St. George Peewee LL 2  Paris 2  Paris 2  Tavistock  Paris 1  New Hamburg 1  Plattsville  Woolwich 1  New Hamburg 2  Beverly 1  Ayr  St. George Bantam LL  Woolwich 2  Beverly 2  Twin Centre  Woolwich 1  Beverly  Embro 1  Ayr  New Hamburg 1  Woolwich 3  Paris  Plattsville  St. George Midget LL  New Hamburg 2  Woolwich 2  Tavistock  Twin Centre  New Hamburg 3  Ayr  Embro  Plattsville  St. George GV Novice  Tavistock  Twin Centre  Ayr  Plattsville  St. George GV Atom  Tavistock  Twin Centre  Ayr  St. George GV Peewee  Tavistock  Twin Centre  Hagersville 10  Caledonia 4  Hagersville 11  Cayuga 6  Caledonia 5  Glanbrook 8  Caledonia 3  Caledonia 2  Caledonia 1  Hagersville 10  Caledonia 1  Caledonia 4  Caledonia 2  Hagersville 11  Glanbrook 7  Glanbrook 8  Glanbrook 9  Cayuga 6  Caledonia 3  Cayuga 5  Hagersville 9  Glanbrook 7  Hagersville 10  Caledonia 3  Caledonia 2  Caledonia 1  Glanbrook 8  Cayuga 5  Glanbrook 5  Caledonia 2  Caledonia 1  Cayuga 4  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Dover #1  Simcoe #1  Tillsonburg #1  Ingersoll #1  Delhi #2  Simcoe #2  Six Nations  Norwich #2  Pt. Dover #2  Tillsonburg #2  Ingersoll #2  Waterford  Norwich #1  Burford  Burford  Pt. Dover #1  Delhi  Pt. Dover #2  Six Nations #1  Norwich  Six Nations #2  Langton  Tillsonburg #1  Ingersoll  Waterford #2  Tillsonburg #2  Simcoe  Waterford #1  Ingersoll #1  Norwich  Six Nations  Ingersoll #2  Simcoe #1  Burford  Pt. Dover  Langton  Waterford #1  Delhi  Tillsonburg  Simcoe #2  Burford #1  Pt. Dover #1  Waterford #2  Burford #2  Simcoe #2  Waterford #1  Simcoe #1  Tillsonburg #1  Norwich #1  Norwich #2  Pt. 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Caravan Kids  T4 White - Caravan Kids  T2 Grey - Caravan Kids  T3 Light Blue - Caravan Kids  N2 Black - Caravan Kids  N4 Gold - Caravan Kids  N1 Green - Dixon Garland  N3 Red - The Daniels Team  Team 1 Tan Hunters Sports Ph  Team 6 Orange McDonalds  Team 5 Green McDonalds  Team 4 White The Daniels Team  Team 3 Gold McDonalds  Team 2 Blue McDonalds  Gold 3 - Canadian Tire  Green 1 - Canadian Tire  Light Blue 2 Canadian Tir  Orange 4 - Canadian Tire  Black Team 2 - Hunters Sports   Gold Team 5 - Harnden Windows  Green Team 1 - Crystal Fountai  Light Blue Team 3 - Sylvan Lea  Red Team 4 - Ruff-n-Redi  White Team 6 - Paper Fibres  Huntsville  Parry Sound  S. Muskoka  Collingwood  Oro  Highland Storm  Midland  Coldwater  Huntsville AE  Huntsville  S. Muskoka AE  Parry Sound  N. Muskoka  S. Muskoka  Highland Storm AE  Highland Storm  Oro AE  Oro  Midland AE  Collingwood  Collingwood AE  Midland  Coldwater  Port Carling  Parry Sound  Huntsville AE  Almaguin  Highland Storm  Huntsville  S. Muskoka AE  S. Muskoka  Highland Storm AE  Collingwood  Collingwood AE  Midland  Coldwater  Oro  Parry Sound  Highland Storm  Almaguin  S. Muskoka AE  Huntsville AE  Manvers  Huntsville  Port Carling  S. Muskoka  Midland  Collingwood  Mariposa  Collingwood AE  Elmvale  Coldwater  Oro  Highland Storm AE  S. Muskoka Minor  Elmvale  Highland Storm  S. Muskoka  Parry Sound  Port Carling  Collingwood  Almaguin  Huntsville Minor  Midland  Highland Storm AE  Oro  Coldwater  Collingwood AE  Midland AE  Huntsville AE  Oro AE  Port Colborne  Fort Erie  Lincoln (Beamsville Physio)  Thorold Protection Fire Hose  Grimsby  Niagara Falls  NOTL  Garden City  Welland  Dunnville  Pelham  West Lincoln  Fort Erie AE  Grimsby AE  Grimsby  Pelham AE  Fort Erie  Niagara Falls AE  Niagara Falls  NOTL AE  Welland  West Lincoln  Garden City  Lincoln AE (Kilt & Clover)  Grimsby  Pelham  Niagara Falls  Port Colborne  Fort Erie  Dunnville  NOTL  Welland  Thorold Sharps & Squares  Garden City  Lincoln (JNE Towing)  Niagara Falls  Grimsby  Fort Erie  Pelham AE  Grimsby AE  Garden City  Welland  Merritton  Niagara Falls AE  West Lincoln  Dunnville  NOTL AE  Fort Erie  Grimsby  Niagara Falls  Port Colborne  Garden City  Pelham  Lincoln (N.M. Bartlett)  Welland  Thorold Canadian Corps #44  NOTL  Fort Erie  Niagara Falls  Welland  Garden City  Grimsby  West Lincoln  Wainfleet  Lincoln AE (George Stephenson   Merritton  Niagara Falls  Port Colborne  Welland  Fort Erie  Thorold Moore McCleary  Grimsby  Lincoln (Dr. Michelle Bell)  Garden City  Dunnville  Pelham  NOTL  Welland  Niagara Falls  Lincoln (Neighbourhood Pizza)  Garden City  Grimsby  Port Colborne  Welland  Dunnville  Fort Erie  Port Colborne  Pelham  NOTL  Grimsby  Thorold Beaverloch Farms  Garden City  Niagara Falls   West Lincoln NV #1  West Lincoln NV #2  NOTL NV #2  Thorold #1 Tim Horton's Black  NOTL NV #1  Pelham NV #3  Thorold #2 Tim Horton's Red  Dunnville NV #1  Pelham NV #4  Pelham NV #1  Pelham NV #2  Welland AT #2  Pelham AT #3  Pelham AT #2  Welland AT #3  Dunnville AT #2  West Lincoln AT #1  Dunnville AT #1  NOTL AT #1  NOTL AT #2  Thorold #2 Jerry's Pizza  Welland AT #1  Pelham AT #1  West Lincoln AT #2  Thorold #1 JJM Heating Cooling  West Lincoln PW #2  Dunnville PW #2  Pelham PW #2  Pelham PW #1  Thorold #1 Yarnell Doors  Welland PW #2  Thorold #2 Hildreth Homes  Dunnville PW #1  Welland PW #1  West Lincoln PW #1  Port Colborne PW #2  NOTL PW #2  Port Colborne PW #1  Wainfleet PW  Port Colborne PW #3  NOTL PW #1  Pelham BT  Welland BT #2  Thorold#3 Thorold Credit Union  Welland BT #3  West Lincoln BT  Port Colborne BT #1  Port Colborne BT #2  Port Colborne BT #3  Thorold#1 Big Red Markets  Welland BT #1  Thorold#2 Henderson's Pharmacy  Pelham  Grimsby 3  Grimsby 2  Grimsby 1  Lincoln #1 (Beamsville Legion)  Dunnville #2  NOTL #1  Pelham #1  Grimsby #2  Thorold#2 Vision Clinic  Dunnville #1  Welland #1  Welland #2  West Lincoln #1  Merritton  Port Colborne #2  Thorold#1 Henderson's Pharmacy  Port Colborne #1  Welland #3  Grimsby #1  Erin-Hillsburgh  Acton  Beeton  Schomberg  Timbits White  Timbits Orange  Timbits Teal  Timbits Green  Timbits Blue  Timbits Black  Timbits Yellow  Timbits Red  Northminster  St. Andrews  Simcoe St.  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Burlington Eagles  Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs  Southern Tier Admirals  Buffalo Regals  Halton Hills Hurricanes  Guelph Jr. Gryphons  Oakville Rangers  Niagara North Stars  Brampton 45s  Niagara Falls Rivermen  Grey-Bruce Highlanders  Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs  Oakville Rangers  Niagara Falls Rivermen  Niagara North Stars  Grey-Bruce Highlanders  Buffalo Regals  Guelph Jr. Gryphons  Southern Tier Admirals  Burlington Eagles  Halton Hills Hurricanes  Brampton 45s  Brampton 45s  Niagara North Stars  Oakville Rangers  Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs  Halton Hills Hurricanes  Buffalo Regals  Guelph Jr. Gryphons  Burlington Eagles  Grey-Bruce Highlanders  Southern Tier Admirals  Niagara Falls Rivermen  Buffalo Regals  Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs  Southern Tier Admirals  Niagara North Stars  Guelph Jr. Gryphons  Halton Hills Hurricanes  Brampton 45s  Burlington Eagles  Grey-Bruce Highlanders  Oakville Rangers  Niagara Falls Rivermen  Oakville Rangers  Southern Tier Admirals  Brampton 45s  Grey-Bruce Highlanders  Halton Hurricanes  Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs  Buffalo Regals  Burlington Eagles  Niagara Falls Rivermen  Niagara North Stars  Guelph Jr. Gryphons  Oakville Rangers  Halton Hills Hurricanes  Grey-Bruce Highlanders  Burlington Eagles  Brampton 45s  Guelph Jr. Gryphons  Niagara North Stars  Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs  Niagara Falls Rivermen  Innisfil Tyke #1  Schomberg Tyke #1  Nobleking Tyke #1  Schomberg Tyke #2  Innisfil Tyke #2  Beeton Tyke #1  NobleKing Tyke #2  Richmond Hill Tyke #1  Thornton Novice #1  Innisfil Novice #1  NobleKing 3  Beeton 2  Thornton Novice #2  Bradford Novice #2  Lefroy Novice #1  Bradford Novice #1  Richmond Hill 2  Schomberg Novice #1  Richmond Hill 1  Nobleking Novice #1  Beeton Novice #1  Nobleking Novice #2  Thornton Atom #1  Thornton Atom #2  Lefroy Atom #1  Bradford Atom #2  Innisfil Atom #1  Bradford Atom #3  Beeton Atom #1  Lefroy Atom #2  Nobleking Atom #2  Nobleking Atom #1  Bradford Atom #1  Schomberg Atom #1  Schomberg Atom #2  Thornton #2  Thornton #3  Bradford #4  Innisfil #1  Thornton #1  Richmond Hill #2  Richmond Hill #1  Lefroy #1  Beeton #1  Nobleking #1  Nobleking #2  Schomberg #2  Lefroy #2  Richmond Hill #4  Richmond Hill #3  Schomberg #1  Bradford #3  Bradford #2  Bradford #1  EG Bantam #1  Thornton Bantam #2  Innisfil Bantam #1  Richmond Hill 2  Thornton Bantam #1  Thornton Bantam #3  Nobleking Bantam #2  EG Bantam #2  Richmond Hill 1  Schomberg  Richmond Hill 3  Nobleking Bantam #1  TNT Bantam #4  Beeton Bantam #1  TNT Bantam #3  Lefroy Bantam #2  Bradford Bantam #1  TNT Bantam #2  Lefroy Bantam #1  TNT Bantam #1  Bradford Bantam #2  Nobleking #1  TNT #2  Bradford #1  Thornton #1  EG #1  TNT #1  TNT #2  TNT #1  Thornton #2  Thornton #1  Innisfil #1  Bradford #3  Nobleking #1  Bradford #1  Innisfil #2  EG #2  Beeton #1  Bradford #2  Lefroy #1  Nobleking #2  Amherstburg  East Lambton  Erie Northshore  Lambton Shores  Mooretown  Oakville  Burlington  Garden City  Georgetown  Brampton  Oakville  Milton  Niagara Falls  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Caledon  Georgetown  Orangeville  Burlington  Oakville  Garden City  Centre Wellington  Flamborough  Woolwich  Milton  Caledon  Ancaster  Georgetown  Stoney Creek  Guelph  Brampton  Oakville  Burlington  Orangeville  Stoney Creek  Milton  Centre Wellington  Ancaster  Flamborough  Caledon  Burlington  Milton  Oakville  New Hamburg  Guelph  Georgetown  Hespeler  Dundas  Caledon  Brampton  Oakville  Burlington  Woolwich  Centre Wellington  Ancaster  Flamborough  Orangeville  Garden City  Guelph  Georgetown  Milton  Brampton  Stoney Creek  Caledon  Acton  Oakville  Erin  Flamborough  Burlington  Ancaster  Centre Wellington  Caledon  Orangeville  Milton  Stoney Creek  Acton  Arthur  Woolwich  Hespeler  Erin  New Hamburg  Acton  Oakville  Hespeler  New Hamburg  Burlington  Georgetown  Caledon  Dundas  Brampton  Guelph  Woolwich  Flamborough  Garden City  Centre Wellington  Burlington  Oakville  Guelph  Georgetown  Orangeville  Stoney Creek  Brampton  Milton  Ancaster  Caledon  Flamborough  Stoney Creek  Oakville  Caledon  Orangeville  Burlington  Dundas  Centre Wellington  Guelph  Milton  Ancaster  Georgetown  Oakville  New Hamburg  Burlington  Brampton  Caledon  Guelph  Woolwich  Georgetown  Owen Sound  Oakville  Caledon  Milton  Stoney Creek  Ancaster  Burlington  Garden City  Orangeville  Guelph  Georgetown  Flamborough  Brampton  Centre Wellington  Orangeville  Oakville  Burlington  Erin  Guelph  Ancaster  Stoney Creek  Flamborough  Milton  Caledon  Georgetown  Acton  Centre Wellington  Oakville  Woolwich  New Hamburg  Dundas  Orangeville  Acton  Hespeler  Arthur  Erin  Burlington  Oakville  Caledon  New Hamburg  Woolwich  Milton  Brampton  Dundas  Georgetown  Guelph  Owen Sound  Hespeler  Oakville  Georgetown  Burlington  Caledon  Guelph  Brampton  Stoney Creek  Orangeville  Garden City  Milton  Ancaster  Centre Wellington  Oakville  Brampton  Guelph  Orangeville  Caledon  Milton  Flamborough  Ancaster  Hespeler  Burlington  Flamborough  Woolwich  Oakville  Caledon  Georgetown  Brampton  Owen Sound  Guelph  New Hamburg  Dundas  Stoney Creek  Burlington  Guelph  Oakville  Garden City  Georgetown  Brampton  Ancaster  Milton  Centre Wellington  Flamborough  Caledon  Orangeville  Oakville  Orangeville  Stoney Creek  Brampton  Acton  Caledon  Milton  Guelph  Erin  Ancaster  Flamborough  Oakville  Woolwich  Acton  Arthur  Dundas  Centre Wellington  Erin  Hespeler  Brampton  Owen Sound  Oakville  Dundas  Caledon  New Hamburg  Woolwich  Guelph  Hespeler  Georgetown  Burlington  Brampton  Oakville  Milton  Orangeville  Burlington  Georgetown  Guelph  Centre Wellington  Caledon  Stoney Creek  Flamborough  Garden City  Oakville  Brampton  Acton  Orangeville  Guelph  Oakville  Brampton  Woolwich  Guelph  Burlington  Ayr  Dundas  Caledon  Ancaster  Owen Sound  Georgetown  Brampton  Georgetown  Stoney Creek  Caledon  Orangeville  Milton  Burlington  Centre Wellington  Guelph  Brampton  Erin  Orangeville  Milton  Acton  Stoney Creek  New Hamburg  Caledon  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