Coach CEP Online Course

The OMHA partnered with KnowTheGame (KTG) to provide e-learning opportunities for coaches as part of the Continuing Education Program [CEP]. 

The Coach CEP Online Course provides a convenient method of ongoing learning for coaches and is designed to be accessible from personal computers. It is presented as an online curriculum and includes interactive multi-media tutorials, quizzes and printable downloads. It also enables coaches to access online resources and to complete the learning modules at their own pace. 

CEP Value: 10 CEP credit points - To renew certification, Coaches are required to earn a total of 20 credits points over a three (3) year cycle.


  • This course alone will not renew your qualifications
  • This course should not be confused with the Hockey University (HU) online course that is part of the Community Coach (Coach 2) clinic.