Core Values

The following core values of the Ontario Minor Hockey Association have been adopted by our organization, our member partners, and our participants as leaders and stakeholders in minor hockey and guide us in everything we do.

Leadership – Take a leadership position in the administration, and delivery of programming in minor hockey in Canada.Lead, Develop, and Promote Positive Hockey Experiences

Sportsmanship – Foremost of all values is to learn a sense of fair play. Become humble in victory, gracious in defeat. We will foster friendship with teammates and opponents alike.In a positive hockey experience for all participants, in a safe, sportsmanlike environment

Respect for the Individual – Treat all others as you expect to be treated. In the values of fair play and sportsmanship, including the development of respect for all people by all participants

Integrity – We seek to foster honesty and fair play beyond mere strict interpretation of the rules and regulations of the game.

Pursuit of Excellence at the Individual, Team and Organizational Levels – Each member of the organization, whether player, volunteer or staff, should seek to perform each aspect of the game to the highest level of his or her ability. In the development of life skills which will benefit participants throughout their lives.

Enjoyment – It is important for the hockey experience to be fun, satisfying and rewarding for all participants.

Loyalty – We aspire to teach loyalty to the ideals and fellow members of the game of hockey. To instill the values of honesty and integrity in participants at all times.

Teamwork – We value the strength of learning to work together. The use of teamwork is reinforced and rewarded by success in the hockey experience. In the promotion of teamwork and the belief that what groups and society can achieve as a whole is greater than that which can be achieved by individuals.