High Performance 1 & 2 | NCCP Competition Development

The High Performance 1 Coaching Program is an enriched development experience for coaches, which features in-class sessions, a written assignment and a field evaluation.  The in-class seminar will provide an exceptional opportunity for coaches to learn as it will feature outstanding presenters who have vast experience within high performance coaching environments.   Following the in-class portion, coaches will further their development by completing, and receiving feedback on, a written assignment with support from a mentor.  Participants will then be provided with an incredible opportunity for growth as a Hockey Canada trained evaluator will observe a practice and game and conduct interviews on the ice sessions and the coach’s overall program. 

Throughout the process, coaches will be provided information and tasks which will challenge them with the ultimate goal of furthering key skills including critical thinking, problem solving, interacting, valuing and leadership.

2015 High Performance 1 Seminars

Details for the 2015 High Performance 1 (HP1) Seminars have been announced. The Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) will host three (3) Coaching Seminars in the summer of 2015.


Two weekends

June 5-7 & June 20-21


Two weekends

June 5-7 & June 20-21


4 days

July 9-12