NCCP Coach 1 & 2 | Community Coach

*The Community Coach clinic is listed as Coach 2 – Coach Level on HCR and on Clinic Listings and will include the following two qualifications: Coach 1 - Intro to Coach & Coach 2 - Coach Level

Step onto the ice confident in your ability to encourage participation amongst your athletes while helping them have fun! The Community Coach clinic focuses on getting your players moving in the right ways and enjoying themselves while introducing them to the sport of hockey. You will also learn the fundamentals of fitness and how to be a positive role model to your athletes. 

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this clinic you will be trained to: 

  • Use HOCKEY CANADA resources to plan on/off-ice activities; 
  • Communicate effectively with players, parents, officials and league administrators;
  • Encourage participants and work within fair play guidelines; 
  • Conduct safe, effective and age appropriate on-ice practice drills; 
  • Apply an ethical decision making process. 


The Community Coach clinic is delivered in two parts.  The Participant must first register for the clinic through the OMHA Clinics Listings page

  • Part A: the Participant completes the 4-hour Hockey University (HU)* Online component - a link to the online component will be provided upon registration
  • Part B: the in-person clinic which includes 4 hours in-class and 2 hours on-ice.


Upon completion of this clinic you will be considered ‘Trained’. 'Certified' status is not required at any level of hockey in the OMHA. 


  • This program replaces the current Intro Coach (CHIP) and Coach Stream clinics
  • Hockey Canada’s Hockey University (HU) is a new, interactive online platform that will form part of a blended learning approach for entry-level clinics of Coach and Official education.